Fit for Forever: Tungsten and Titanium Wedding Rings

Today’s bride and groom aren’t as traditional about wedding rings as they once were. Opals and Sapphires often replace Diamonds as many newlyweds’ first choice. Even polished wooden bands provide a trendy alternative to Gold or Platinum. The wedding ring game is changing for jewelers.

Fortunately, change brings new style opportunities and options! Two of our favorite alternative wedding band materials are Tungsten and Titanium. More affordable than their traditional counterparts, Tungsten and Titanium metals make great wedding ring options to keep in mind as you look toward forever together.

Together Forever in Titanium

Even if you shy away from wearing jewelry, you can rest easy with a Titanium ring on your finger. Lightweight and comfortable, Titanium rings are perfect for everyday wear. They resist scratches and do not corrode, rust or lose color over time. You can choose from polished, brushed or satin finishes, in addition to a wide variety of colors and gemstones. Unlike White Gold, Titanium doesn’t require regular recoating or maintenance checks. These rings will continue to gleam and keep their shape no matter how many anniversaries you celebrate together.

Also, you should definitely consider Titanium rings if you like to work with your hands. Three times stronger than steel and even more crack-resistant than Tungsten, Titanium will stand the test of time, resisting physical stresses and everyday wear and tear. Titanium rings are the natural choice for those looking for durability, affordability and timeless style.

Tungsten: Too Good to Be True

If you’re looking for something a little more low-maintenance, a Tungsten wedding band is your ideal match! Heavier than most metals due to its density, Tungsten gives you the same look and feel of a more expensive metal for a fraction of the cost, not to mention the fact that Tungsten is more scratch-resistant than Titanium and impossible to bend — making Tungsten (like Titanium) the ideal band for someone who works with their hands.

Additionally, if your special someone suffers from precious metal allergies, Tungsten is 100% hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of color finishes — which means your loved one doesn’t have to sacrifice style for fear of a reaction. While wedding band options are seemingly endless, keep Tungsten in mind if price, style and maintenance are at the top of your list.


While Tungsten and Titanium rings can’t be resized, their affordable price makes them easy to replace. Browse our collection of Tungsten and Titanium wedding rings for a style that will last forever.

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