20 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

Investing in a beautiful jewelry box is a great way to guarantee that your collection is organized and easily accessible. Sometimes, however, the urge to DIY takes over, resulting in organizational systems that work perfectly with your sense of style. Below are 20 brilliant and beautiful ways to display, organize and store your jewelry, all without having to break the bank (or a sweat!).

1. Coat Hanger Chic

DIY Hanger Jewelry Storage Ideas

Simply drape your necklaces and bracelets on a wooden coat hanger, and add a few looped screws to hang your dangling earrings. Et voilà! Nothing could be easier. (Source: Morning Creativity)

2. Branch of Beauty

DIY Branch Jewelry Storage Ideas

On your next nature walk, be on the lookout for a sturdy branch and grab it before another crafty DIYer does. You can paint your branch, washi tape it, dunk it in glitter — make it yours. And remember to add cup hooks for your necklaces. (Source: Julie Ann Art)

3. Pretty in Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Storage Ideas

Keep your accessories perfectly in line. This pegboard station makes for a foolproof organizational system, accommodating the tastes of any jewelry-loving fashionista. (Source: The 36th Avenue)

4. Buttons to the Rescue

DIY Buttons Jewelry Storage Ideas

Fasten your earrings to small buttonholes for safekeeping and easy transport. Just make sure you don’t end up losing the buttons themselves! (Source: Good Housekeeping)

5. Multipurpose Ice Cube Tray

DIY Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Storage Ideas

Never lose your cool — or your jewelry! Ice cube trays feature the perfect-sized compartments for small earrings, rings, charms, chains and more. Slide them into your vanity drawer for easy, organized access. (Source: GBO Fashion)

6. Vintage Plates, Modern Taste

DIY Vintage Plates Jewelry Storage Ideas

Serve up your style on beautifully stacked vintage plates. Burnished candlesticks add a classic touch to this elegant silhouette. (Source: Acute Designs)

7. Gilded Clay

DIY Clay Jewelry Storage Ideas

No need to roll up your sleeves for this one. Make your own polymer clay cone to display your favorite rings in just a few easy steps. Doesn’t the gold-leaf coating make it look exquisite? (Source: Adventures in Fashion)

8. Designer Driftwood

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Storage Ideas

For the outdoorsy jewelry lover, this rustic display features a knob-studded driftwood plank for your pendants, bracelets, chokers and more. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re at the beach! (Source: Visibly Moved)

9. Foam Sweet Foam

DIY Foam Jewelry Storage Ideas

Your jewelry collection is a work of art. Arrange and exhibit some of your favorite pieces on a simple, refined frame with a muted, foam backboard. (Source: Linkouture)

10. Whimsical Wire

DIY Wire Jewelry Storage Ideas

String your earrings on an open-framed display with dainty wire — an instant artistic masterpiece you can admire from almost every angle! (Source: Kevin & Amanda)

11. Do-It-Your-Shelf

DIY Shelf Jewelry Storage Ideas

This shelf insert has found a new calling as a jewelry display. Its petal-like openings are just the right size for you to hang your dangling earrings. Spray paint the insert to match your décor just the way you like it! (Source: Fresh Crush)

12. Coaster Creation

DIY Coaster Jewelry Storage Ideas

Super simple, undeniably stylish. All you’ll need are a couple of cork coasters and a dowel to create this jewelry stand. (Source: Paper & Stitch)

13. Put a Clothespin in It

DIY Clothespins Jewelry Storage Ideas

Your long, delicate necklaces deserve a gorgeous display. Show off your favorite styles with an effortless clothespin system, hanging from a length of twine on your wall. (Source: A Pair & A Spare)

14. If There’s a Wire, There’s a Way

DIY Wire Jewelry Storage Ideas

No chickens necessary for this adorable display. Simply paint a chicken-wire window frame with the color(s) of your choice, and attach a dainty ribbon or two for added charm. Your dangling earrings will stay tangle-free forever! (Source: Crafts Unleashed)

15. Dreaming in Dowels

DIY Dowels Jewelry Storage Ideas

The smallest baubles sometimes cause the biggest headaches, especially since they can be so easy to lose. Secure your stud earrings and rings between fabric-wrapped dowels arranged in a beautifully textured box. (Source: iHeart Organizing)

16. Cutlery Tray Decluttered

DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Storage Ideas

Cutlery trays aren’t just for forks, knives and spoons. Because the tray already comes with different-sized compartments, you’ll be able to organize your trinkets and jewelry without a hitch. (Source: The Jungalow)

17. Darling Doilies

DIY Doilies Jewelry Storage Ideas

Looking for something a little more dainty? These darling containers are the perfect match for your more delicate pieces of jewelry. (Source: Momtastic)

18. Gem Glam

DIY Gems Jewelry Storage Ideas

Glam it up with a wall of gems! Well, OK, these aren’t really precious gemstones…but raw crystals look just as beautiful. Your room will feel magical with these up on the wall. (Source: Julep)

19. A Cheerful Display

DIY Wine Bottle Jewelry Storage Ideas

A good bottle of wine should never go to waste! Once you’ve enjoyed every last drop of your favorite red, use the bottle to drape and display your beautiful bracelets. (Source: Decoratrix)

20. Bookish Beauty

DIY Books Jewelry Storage Ideas

To top off the list, here’s a personal favorite. Your collection will look smart on the bold yet minimalist surface of hardcover books (preferably ones you don’t plan on reading anytime soon). These are the jewelry books your coffee table needs. (Source: whollyKao)


Now that you have a few DIY tricks up your sleeve, you can say goodbye to tangled chains and messy drawers! It’s worth it to establish a jewelry storage system that works for your budget and your aesthetic. Pick and choose from the jewelry storage and display ideas above to make them your own.

Featured image: Geneva Vanderzeil / Flickr apairandaspare / CC BY S-A

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