3 Stylish Examples of Jewelry Organization

Losing a piece of jewelry can be pretty frustrating — and sometimes downright devastating. Avoid needless heartache by investing in a beautifully designed jewelry box or stand. The organizational methods below will bring your jewelry collection to the next level in functionality and style. Now you won’t have to wonder where you last placed your favorite piece.

Classic Cases

House your sparkling collection in a timeless jewelry box. Keep your beloved pendants, bracelets, rings and other dazzling pieces secure and dust-free. Organizing jewelry can feel effortless when you use a classic box that looks as beautiful as the jewelry it holds. Every jewelry box contains pieces that reflect important, unique aspects of a person’s life. Keep these jeweled moments safe. What better way to do this than with a personalized treasure chest of your own?

 Antique Jewelry Organization  Wooden Jewelry Organization


Personalized Keepsakes

Some of the most precious pieces of jewelry are rich with emotional value, regardless of their price tag. These pieces are often personalized perfectly for the wearer, selected with great care and love. When you need to set aside treasured jewelry for safekeeping, it’s important to consider the container you’re using. Always be reminded of the special meaning behind each piece by using personalized jewelry boxes featuring a beautiful photograph or heartwarming message.

 Heart Jewelry Organization Personalized Jewelry Organization Personalized Jewelry Organization


Charming Displays

Showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry in beautiful ways, even when you’re not wearing them. Organizing your jewelry for guests and loved ones to admire is a great way to show off your unique sense of style. Every piece of jewelry you own is a work of art in its own way, and it makes sense to present your collection in a more open, decorative setting. For example, you can achieve this by slipping your favorite rings on a cat’s perky tail or an elephant’s playful trunk. Create a whimsical display that will brighten up your home!

 Cat Jewelry Organization  Elephant Jewelry Organization



Whether it’s draped around your neck or secured in a velvet box, each piece of jewelry in your collection should be treated with care. Browse through our collection for jewelry organization inspiration!

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