Sweet Stocking Stuffers

Once you’ve strung your family’s personalized Christmas stockings above the fireplace, it’s time to stuff ’em with goodies! The family Christmas tree and pile of presents may be the main event, but everyone still loves getting a few extra treats during the holidays. Keep these thoughtful stocking stuffer ideas in mind for an unforgettable Christmas morning!

For Kids & Kids at Heart

 Personalized Kid's Necklace Personalized Kid's Locket Personalized Kid's Necklace Kid's Pearl Bracelet

Glam up the holidays with jewelry — for kids!
It’s always fun to dress up for special occasions, and holiday celebrations are no exception. Assembling DIY beaded bracelets and candy necklaces are great activities for craft time, but a personalized locket, elegant pearl bracelet or adorable puppy charm is sure to delight young fashionistas everywhere. The beauty of a sophisticated and age-appropriate piece of jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift for the special child in your life. And if you’re looking for adult-sized jewelry to match, make sure to browse through the Limoges collection for inspiration!

 Personalized Cookie Jar Personalized Bistro Mug Personalized Treat Jar Personalized Treat Jar

For a real sweet Christmas, add a few homemade treats to the mix.
Fresh fudge, festive cookies and hot cocoa mixes will make the difference between a good stocking and a scrumptious one. Kids may be recovering from their Halloween sugar rush, but you can’t go wrong with a stocking stuffed with sweets. Of course, this applies to anyone with a sweet tooth — celebrate with fudge for the entire family! Just make sure you’re not lighting the fireplace when there’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate in those stockings.

 Bath Toys Lego Keyrings Daniel Tiger Plush Toy Wild Kratts Figure Set

Christmastime means playtime!
Christmas hauls just aren’t complete without everyone’s favorite characters. After months of hearing about your children’s or grandchildren’s newest TV obsessions and movie heroes, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which action figure or cuddly plush will make their faces light up with joy. You can also throw in a mind-bending card game, or sneak in the first clue of a Christmas scavenger hunt! Get the whole family involved for a fun-filled Christmas celebration.

For Pets & Pet Lovers

 Personalized Treat Jar Personalized Stocking Personalized Treat Jar Personalized Treat Jar

Your pets deserve troves of holiday treats.
Fill up your pet’s stocking or treat jar with delicious morsels. Most of us probably don’t have the time or skill to create a gourmet sushi feast for our fluffy friends (well, except this guy), but it’s the thought that counts, right? Take a simpler route by baking peanut butter treats for your pup or cheesy, doughy bites for your kitty. Just make sure to consult a veterinarian about your pet’s dietary restrictions before you plan that Christmas feast!

 Personalized Pet Bandana Personalized Dog Collar Personalized Pet Tag Personalized Pet Bandana

Dress them up in festive fun!
Add instant cuteness to your Christmas celebrations with jolly accessories! Festive bandanas brighten up the holidays, but your pup can rock them throughout the year. Complete the look with a colorful collar and personalized tag, making your puppy the star of any fashion show. With so many mix-and-match options, you’ll never run out of stylish ways to dress up your pup!

 Personalized Dog Necklace Personalized Dog Necklace Personalized Cat Necklace Personalized Cat Necklace

Give pet lovers beautiful reminders of their little darlings.
Pets bring so much joy and warmth to a home. After showering the family’s pets with treats and loads of love and attention, surprise your favorite animal lover with a personalized pet necklace this Christmas. Featuring sophisticated silhouettes of the friendliest, cuddliest creatures around, these necklaces will make any stocking a holiday hit!

For Significant Others

 Personalized Couple's Picture Frame Personalized Couple's Picture Frame Personalized Couple's Picture Frame Personalized Couple's Picture Frame

An image is worth a thousand holiday kisses.
If only we could bottle precious memories and carry them with us wherever we went, allowing us to relive the joy, love and comfort they bring. Personalized picture frames recapture these moments beautifully, featuring both the image and the words that are often kept close to the heart. Choose a photo that reflects the love and happiness of your relationship, and customize a gorgeous frame with your names and/or a few sweet words.

 Couple's Birthstone Name Ring Couple's Birthstone Name Ring Couple's Engraved Necklace Couple's Adjustable Heart Bracelet

Surprise your special someone with dazzling couple’s jewelry.
If you’re not quite ready to pop the big question but still want to show how much you love your significant other, surprise them with a personalized piece of couple’s jewelry! These are great options for couples who are enjoying any stage of a loving relationship, whether they’re dating, engaged, just married or celebrating milestone anniversaries. Hide one of these gems in a Christmas stocking for a truly surprising, heartfelt touch.

 Bee Charm Heart Charm Heart Charm Bracelet Ice Cream Cone Charm

Create a charming display of your love.
Go the extra mile and show how deeply you know and care about your partner. A customized charm bracelet is the perfect little surprise to slip into a Christmas stocking, surrounded by other delightful treats and trinkets. Focus on a romantic, elegant combination of hearts, or go for something more whimsical with charms like ice cream cones and fairies. With so many categories and styles to choose from, you can easily create the perfect collection of charms for the one you love.


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